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Moths and other insects can be attracted to the natural oils in your furs.

Your fur coat is unique and vibrant piece of your wardrobe. Whether you reserve wearing your fur for a special evening or you wear you fur jacket causally in the winter, your fur coat keeps you luxuriously warm. A fur coat is a sign of practicality and stylish sophistication.

Like many items of high value, your fur coat needs regular maintenance. One of the best ways to properly care for your fur is also one of the easiest. Taking your fur to a professional fur storage vault keeps your fur protected during the off-season ensuring it lasts for years.

The expert team at Fox and Klaff has over 150 years of combined experience in all fur services. Our furriers have studied with the best fur boutiques around the globe and know fur inside and out.

Bring you furs to the Fox and Klaff cold storage vault to protect your furs.

Why Professional Storage?

While there are many advantages to owning a fur, it requires simple maintenance to avoid premature damage. Have necessary repairscompleted as soon as possible and make sure your garment is cleaned at least once a year. These two practices will help your fur look its best. The third pillar to consistent fur care is storage.

Heat is one of your fur’s main enemies. Warm temperatures can dry out the soft, supple hairs which can lead to shedding. Dryness is another problem that can damage your fur. A dry environment will drain the natural oils leading to a dried out, withered appearance.

This is why professional fur storage is necessary for fur owners. The summer months bring in periods of intense heat and varying levels of humidity. Home air conditioning is not enough to protect your fur. Residential AC generally lacks the proper humidity and exact temperature control needed for optimal fur storage conditions.

Precise, Controlled Fur Storage

The vaults at Fox and Klaff are designed to protect against all threats to your fur. Variable temperatures, high or low humidity, pests, moisture, and improper lighting all present real risks to your fur.

When you bring your fur to Fox and Klaff, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your fur is in experienced hands. The best time to store your fur is during the off-season, which normally starts in late spring and ends in early fall.

Don’t risk keeping your valuable fur at home during these months. Items like plastic storage bags will not protect your fur and can dry the coat out due to a lack of air circulation. Hangers designed for regular clothing can add extra stress to the fur’s shoulder seams.

The most important aspect of our professional fur vault is the cold storage. Fur should be kept around or below 50° Fahrenheit at a consistent 45-55 humidity level. Cold storage slows down the fur aging process.

Your coat will be stored on-site and will be available for pick up at anytime. Our vault provides ample space for each garment, and our team only uses broad-shouldered hangers to properly store your coat or jacket.

Have questions about our professional fur storage? Contact us for more information and find out the Fox and Klaff difference today!

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