Fur Appraisals

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What if something were to happen to your fur?

Your fur coat is desirable for many reasons. Fur remains stylish throughout the years and your coat or jacket is a trendy, yet practical way to stay warm in the winter months. Fur can also be passed down to family and friends for a cherished heirloom.

For these reasons, it is important to have your fur appraised once a year.

What are fur appraisals? Fur appraisals are official written documents detailing your fur’s monetary worth. These kinds of appraisals are beneficial and necessary for things like insurance, estate planning, and charitable donations. Your fur’s value is based on factors including:

  • Type of fur
  • Length
  • Size
  • Style
  • Condition

Furs will have a range of different values, but knowing your own fur’s worth is an important part of ownership. Fox and Klaff offers extensive fur appraisals for a nominal charge. Learn your fur’s value today.

Insurance Purposes

Much like you have insurance for your home or car, your fur should have the proper protection. Fur appraisals are a useful supplement to your current home insurance policy. Many default insurance policies do not include fur protection. Make sure your fur is included in your policy in case the unexpected happens.

Authorized fur salons can appraise your fur more adequately than your regular insurance company. Fox and Klaff has decades of experience in fur services. We will also inform you of any applicable depreciations and talk to your about our fur replacement program.

No one wants an accident or theft to happen. But it is better to be prepared than to lose the value of your fur.

Estate Planning and Reselling

Whether you’re starting estate planning or thinking about selling your furs, Fox and Klaff is with you every step of the way.

It is never too soon to start thinking about the future. If you think you would like to pass down your fur, make arrangements on who will inherit your garment. Be sure to include a fur appraisal so there is an official record of the brand and type of fur. This will give you and whoever inherits your fur peace of mind and eliminate possible questions in the future.

Maybe your fur is dated or you’re not interested in wearing it anymore. Fur appraisals can help you make educated decisions about your garment.

If you’ve never had an appraisal, obtaining one can reveal your fur’s true value. Your fur may be worth more than you think. After getting your appraisal, you can make a decision on whether to keep your fur or to look into resell options.

Your fur’s salability is significantly dependant on its condition and how well it was cared for. Without proper care, fur pelts can dry and begin to shred. But with the right conditions, fur can last for years.

If you do sell your fur, a written appraisal can solidify your asking price whether you are selling the fur online or going through consignment.

Appraisal Process – Clear and Simple

When you are ready for your fur appraisal, the expert team at The Fur and Leather Centre will carefully examine your item. We will ask about the history and about the condition of the coat. Your coat’s value depends on its condition, style, and type of fur. Some types of furs are considered more desirable than others. Other factors that determine the value of your fur include whether the coat was made with an entire pelt, paws, or tails. We will also check for any imperfections like tears, rips, and shedding or brittle fur hairs.

After the appraisal is complete, we will provide you a written assessment and answer any questions you may have about the next step of your fur’s future. After learning your fur’s worth, it is common to change your mind about selling. We can help maintain your fur for the future or restyle it if the coat is outdated.

We also appraise leather, shearling, and other fine garments. Appraisals are gladly issued for you even if you purchased your fur coat, shearling coat, or other products elsewhere. You are important to us and we want your prized investment to be secure.

If something does happen to your fur, it may be more difficult to replace the emotional value, but with an official fur appraisal you can have peace of mind.

Charitable Donations

If would like to see your fur reused for a good cause, there are several options for donations. Your local thrift store or vintage shop can receive your fur. With a fur appraisal, you can provide the receiving organization with an official record of its worth and details. With your donation, be sure to ask for a receipt for tax purposes. Keep your receipt and copy of your appraisal around for tax season to prove your charitable gift.

Fox and Klaff is your top choice for high-quality furs and services. Our team has over 150 years in combined experience helping clients purchase, maintain, and protect their furs. Contact us today to schedule your fur appraisal.

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