Fur Restyle

By IJ Fox Furs

The Fur and Leather Centre can transform your old fur and bring it back to life.

Give Your Old Fur a New Look

Did you know your old fur coat can be like new again? Fur restyling is a growing trend in the world of fur. This trend is popular for good reason; you can have a completely different fur style without buying an entirely new coat.

Fox and Klaff is proud to offer a complete line of fur restyle options. Maybe you inherited an old mink coat from your grandmother’s closet, or you found a vintage fur that doesn’t suit your style anymore. We can re-work your coat and update it to become more stylish than ever.

How We Can Restyle Your Coat

One of the best qualities of fur is its durability. With proper care, fur can last decades. While this longevity yields an impressive return on investment, the fur can outlive previous fashions. For example if your fur is from the 80s, large shoulders and a heavy pelt might make you shy away from your coat.

Don’t let your coat’s potential hide in your wardrobe. Our fur restyle options are only limited to your imagination. We encourage our customers to go online and check out fashion magazines or blogs for inspiration. Fur is once again becoming a favorite among high fashion designers; look to them for an unexpected source of creativity. Your ideas and our expertise will leave you feeling like a supermodel.

Some of our most popular fur restyles options include:

Length – A full length fur can give away its age. We can shorten it to make it more everyday-friendly.

Style – We can tailor your old coat to enhance your best features.

Color – One of the hottest trends is dyed fur. We can color your fur to match your updated tastes.

Accessories – Not interested in an entire fur coat? Let us turn your fur into cozy accessories like scarves or headbands. We can also turn your fur into fun items for around the house like blankets and pillows.

If you still like the general design of the coat, but it is too dressy or heavy, we can make minor updates so it is more comfortable to wear.

Restyling gives that fur new life – the garment is recycled and reinvented and the range of possibilities are fantastic.

Your Coat’s Legacy – Renewed

Your fur is powerful and will make a statement when you wear it. Let your fur reflect your unique personality by restyling with Fox and Klaff. Our team consists of fur experts and master furriers. We have over 150 years of combined experience in fur, and we take great pride in providing top-tier customer service.

When you bring in your fur, we will listen to your ideas and learn about your style. We will walk you through our delicate restyle process and answer any questions. We’ll also schedule additional fittings if necessary.

Fur restyling is a transformation of your an old fur into a fresh new style you’ll wear all the time – and your friends will want to know where you got it! Contact Fox and Klaff today to get started and fall in love with your fur all over again.

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