Fur Repair

By IJ Fox Furs

Our team of master furriers will inspect your fur or leather piece.

Fur Maintenance without the Hassle

There is a good chance your fur or leather item is one of your most prized pieces of clothes, so any kind of tear or rip can leave you wondering what course of action to take. Should you try repairing it yourself? Should you take it to a tailor?

The answer is Fox and Klaff. We provide comprehensive fur and leather repair services for the entire Boston area. Big or small repairs are mended with the utmost care.

Fur experts urge owners to have even tiny rips or tears addressed immediately. Professional repair ensures minor issues do not expand into significant, costly problems down the road.

We work on all types of furs including mink, rabbit, fox, chinchilla, and lamb.

Fox and Klaff is also happy to work on any fur-lined garments, shearling, and leather products. Bring your item to our experienced team for any type of repair. We have a full service department on-site so you will never have to worry about having your item packed up and shipped away.

Gifted Hands and Professional Expertise

You might have a dry cleaner down the road or know a friend who can sew. Why shouldn’t you take your fur to them? Fur is an expensive and therefore rare fabric; mastery over this fabric takes years of specialized training. Fox and Klaff has a master furrier in-house to oversee all repairs and alternations. Master furriers train for years under the study of established industry masters across the world. Since fur repair is a specialized field, we do not recommend having your item fixed by anyone else but an expert.

Fur and leathers also require the right tools for repair. Everyday needles and thread will not adequately mend fine fabrics. Cutting and sewing with these tools can leave irreparable damage to your garment.

Don’t leave your valuable investment in the wrong hands. Fox and Klaff can handle the smallest rip to completely restoring a pelt.

Your Fur is Special, Treat it with Care

You should periodically inspect your fur to find small imperfections. If you notice a small rip or tear, bring your fur into Fox and Klaff. We have experience in completing small tucks in order to remove minor wear from cuffs, pockets, and hemlines.

A small opening in your lining may lead to a tear, and the need for a complete lining replacement. We can also attend to a loose hook or ring which can cause undue stress on the fur.

When you bring in your fur, we will thoroughly inspect it, detailing every aspect for your records. Once the inspection is complete, we begin the repair process. Proper fur repairs are done from the inside since repairs from the outside are less strong and prone to ripping. Completing repairs under the fur’s lining also prevents stitch lines from being visible once the repair is complete.

In some cases, extra fur is needed to replace old fur. We will perfectly match the new fur pelts to your coat or other garment.

Our team of master furriers and professional finishers will mend any fur, leather, and cloth damage from the smallest tear to replacement of entire sections, assuring that your valuable garment is handled with the utmost care and respect.

Through regular inspection and timely maintenance, you furs and leathers can last a lifetime. Protect your fashion investment with our expert team. We have the specialized needles, threads, and equipment to fix any fur problem, big or small.

We are happy to inspect, repair, and answer any fur or leather questions. Give us a call (617)-859-7589 or visit us at The Westin Boston Copley Plaza 10 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA.

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