Fur Cleaning

By IJ Fox Furs

When finding a professional fur cleaner, do not risk taking your fur to a regular dry cleaner.

Fox and Klaff offers expert fur cleaning for all your fur garments including coats, jackets, stoles, and accessories. We also provide expert garment cleaning for your other fine fabrics including leather, shearlings, and wool.

Benefits of Cleaning

You may look at your coat and think to yourself, “This doesn’t look dirty.” But looks can be deceiving. After a long winter of constant wear, your coat can pick up dirt, salt, dust, odors, and other undesirable elements. These particles can rob your fur coat of its natural oils. These oils give your fur life, keeping it lustrous and soft. Without these oils, your fur will dry out and age prematurely, leaving weak and lifeless hairs. Unfortunately, this can be expensive to repair since replacement fur might be required,

As a valuable and precious investment, fur needs special cleaning at least once a year. If wine, perfume, or any other spill happens on your fur, schedule a cleaning with Fox and Klaff immediately. Prolonged exposed to stains can cause more expensive damage.

Even if your coat looks and feel great, fur experts recommend having it cleaned once a year.

One of the most convenient times of the year to have your fur cleaned is the spring or summer months before it goes into storage. Cleaning in the off-season means you won’t miss your fabulous coat when you need it the most. This also ensures your coat is ready to face the next round of cold, winter weather after storage.

Professional Fur Cleaning

The Fox and Klaff fur cleaning process ensures your furs are preserved, extending their lifespan and give you years of enjoyment. When you bring us your fur, our expert team will inspect your fur completely. Unlike other furriers, we do not send or ship your item to a remote location for cleaning. All of our fur services are housed on-site.

Always make sure you take your fur to a certified fur cleaner. Never take your furs to a regular dry cleaner or tailor. Since it is a luxury material, fur needs special cleaning. Regular cleaning processes can damage your fur. There are horror stories and legal battles over damaged caused to fur because it was cleaned incorrectly by regular dry cleaning companies. Keep your fur safe, beautiful, and in the hands of experts. And never use a regular or commercial washer or dryer for your furs or leathers.

With over 125 years of combined experience, Fox and Klaff has the professional equipment and products specifically engineered for fur and other fine fabrics. Our cleaning process moisturizes and reconditions the pelts to prevent early drying and damage.

Our staff is extensively trained in all types of furs and how to properly care for each type. We specialize in fur coat cleaning, conditioning, and glazing. Each of these steps ensure your coat is cleaned, protected, and has a beautiful, healthy sheen.

We closely inspect your coat before cleaning to check for any signs of damage and suggest repairs as needed. After the inspection, we begin cleaning, reconditioning, and glazing the fur. We complete a final inspection before returning your fur. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.  Fox and Klaff looks forward to working with your furs!

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