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IJ Fox Furs has been known throughout the Boston area as the largest and finest fur retailer. We are a full service fur salon providing the highest possible expertise in our industry.   For over 50 years IJ Fox has been providing  excellent quality, service and prices for fur coats and jackets in the Massachusetts area.

IJ Fox Furs offers a vast array of furs, leathers and accessories. The IJ Fox collection of fur coats and jackets appeals to both a younger clientele, as well as those who are more mature. IJ Fox Furs is also home to an expansive selection of Men’s merchandise.

We offer all services that relate to furs and their care, including: storage, cleaning, repair, restyling, insurance and monogramming services.

Whether you’re looking to find a fur coat store in Boston or a mink jacket store in Boston, IJ Fox is the place.

Our Experienced Staff

The Fox and Klaff staff holds over 150 years of combined experience in all aspects of the fur industry. We only purchase furs from the highest quality sources from around the world. After receiving the fur, we take great pride in displaying them in our world class show room.

Our team of experts are ready to help you find the perfect fur coat, jacket, or accessory. When you come to our boutique, expect attentive service to answer any questions or help you try on our items. Fox and Klaff is a leader in fur fashion. Fur is a stylish and practical addition to your wardrobe no matter your age or personal style.

A Fur Coat for Every Occasion

How will you wear your fur coat? There is no wrong answer to this question. Fur coats can be worn in many ways depending on your needs.

Our showroom features contemporary designs liked dyed furs and shorter hemlines to wear causally. These types of furs are perfect for laid back dinners and normal outings.

We also sell traditional fur designs with longer silhouettes and  classic hues like rich browns and tans as well as deep blacks and pearlescent silvers. Wear these types of furs for special events such as performances, galas, and weddings.

Other fur items like vest, gloves, and headbands are perfect for outdoor events. A real fur garment will add the perfect touch to your next football gameday outfit or ski trip.

Fox and Klaff will ask about how you see yourself wearing your fur to help you select the best fur for you.

Always Real, Genuine Fur

Fur is an amazing material. Since it is organic, fur is full of natural vitality and breathes with a radiant aura. Your fur coat will make a fashion statement, but also a responsible expression of style. Unlike fake fur, real fur never contains harsh, synthetic chemicals or plastic materials which can sit in a landfill for hundreds of years. Buying real fur means you are supporting regional economies from family owned farms to independent fur salons.

Real fur is an organic, environmentally sustainable. With proper maintenance and storage, real fur will last years giving you seasons of enjoyment. Some styles are only popular for a year or two before they are thrown out. But fur can also be restyled into new designs according to your tastes.

The Finest Fur Retailer in Boston

As the finest fur retailer in the Boston region, Fox and Klaff has been in business since the late 1800’s. We are full service fur salon providing the best in sales and professional fur maintenance including cleaning, storage, repair, and restyle.

Our staff includes expert furriers trained under international masters who study every aspect of fur coat construction. The Fox and Klaff team also has well trained designers and sales associates to help you find the perfect fur.

For the best in style and quality fur, visit Fox and Klaff. Call (617)-859-7589 for questions or to make an appointment.

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